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No Counterfeit Headaches

All suppliers have FDA CE certificates in order to be part of PPE Market.

Proof of Product Life Creation

Quality Updates Along the Way to Track the Progress of Your Order.

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We Rate Shop for You so You Don’t Have to Check with Multiple Sources.

Save Time Negotiating

Instant Access to 20+ Preferred Suppliers in the US and Overseas.

No Counterfeit Headaches

PPE Market aims to protect people worldwide from counterfeits of our products and in every case takes all necessary steps to safeguard public health, including working with customs, law enforcement and those government ministries and authorities that have responsibility for public welfare in the affected markets. 

Detecting a counterfeit product can be difficult. Let us help you detect them as early as possible.

PPE Market has a well established internal procedures for dealing with suspected counterfeits.

We rigorously investigate and, where appropriate, remove any manufacturers, distributors, retailers and other parties from our marketplace.

Checking with a manufacturer to be sure that they are certified is very important as you search for PPE Market. At PPE Market we do a live video with each of our suppliers where they show us all their documentation and their current supplies. We work out systems to help us ensure you have the best chance of avoiding counterfeit materials.

Proof of Product Life Creation

PPE Market ensures the quality of each stage of the product life cycle. This includes the transfer of products into and launch from the manufacturer, execution of major product change programmes and the transfer out to other sites.

Get daily videos showing that your products are in hand.

See what sorts of things could be done.

Get pictures of your products to know they’re working.

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Get More for Your Money

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